The Questions We Ask Together

Editor: The Questions We Ask Together, Open Engagement in Print.

May 2015

The Questions We Ask Together assembles short essays by individuals within the practice of socially engaged art, written in response to one hundred questions on the practice generated by Open Engagement conference attendees.

At the closing of OE 2013, an assembled group of conference participants generated one hundred questions that seek a sense of what is emerging, what people are thinking, and where conversations are headed within the world of socially engaged art. This session was inspired by Sister Corita’s “quantity assignments” to generate one hundred questions before embarking on intensive work and research.

These essays first appeared as a blog preceding OE 2014, and now have grown into a published volume of one hundred critical responses from contributors from the field. The Questions We Ask Together features writing by Allison Agsten, Tania Bruguera, Joshua Decter, Claire Doherty, Pablo Helguera, Grant Kester, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Stephen Wright, and many others.

Turnbull, Gemma-Rose, editor. The Questions We Ask Together, 1st ed. Pittsburgh: Open Engagement in Print, 2015.

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