Postcards from America

Producer, Portland OR iteration for Magnum Photos and PSU MFA Art + Social Practice.

Made with photographers: Susan Meiselas, Jim Goldberg, Alec Soth, Bieke Depoorter, Peter van Agtmael, and Donovan Wylie and artists: Emily Fitzgerald, Amanda Evans, Derek Hamm, Patricia Vazquez, Arianna Warner, Roz Crews, and Nolan Calisch Eliza Gregory

May 2015

Rodeo. Molalla, Oregon. Peter Van Agtmael
KSMoCA’s inaugural exhibit, Postcards from America. Anke Schuettler.

Gemma was invited by Harrell Fletcher and Magnum Photos to produce the Portland iteration of the Postcards from America project in May 2015. Started in 2011, Postcards is an ongoing collaborative photographic experiment in creating polyphonic visual sounds. To date, there have been nine Postcards projects around the country involving nearly twenty photographers from the Magnum Photos agency. The tenth project, based in Portland, was an exploration of photography and Social Practice.

The photographers partnered with current students and alumni of the Portland State University Art and Social Practice program, directed by Harrell Fletcher, around the theme of photography and social practice. The visual inquiries were focused on which members of the community might “need” photographers and photography, and the ways in which those “needs” could be met.

Over the course of the three weeks Gemma produced eleven individual project partnerships, which culminated in four events: inaugural exhibition at the King School MoCA, a lecture at the Portland Art Museum, a pop-up exhibition at Newspace Center for Photography, and the launch of the Workers Center project.

Markus Shearer
David Ewald
Jack Badler

“The following pictures, taken [of Joanne Deazley] during 1000 seconds, aim to reveal the transparency of emotions while recalling the physical therapy treatment given at a US Army hospital after the Tet Offensive in 1968.  The 1000 yard stare is often seen in people as they remember images related to traumatic events.”

– Donovan Wylie