Talk to the Gun

by Pedro ReyesHarrell Fletcher, Erin Charpentier, Travis Neel, Grace Hwang, Gemma-Rose Turnbull, Amanda Evans, Zachary Gough, Patricia Vazquez, Betty Marin and Sharita Towne.

Editorial support: Gemma-Rose Turnbull
Design: Molly Sherman


This is a diverse collection of facts, stories, interviews, thoughts and images, which serve to illustrate a myriad of ways to think about the role guns play in our culture and lives. It also illustrates the diversity of the group who collated them. The contributors to this project include two internationally renowned artists and a group of Art and Social Practice MFA students from different parts of the Americas—Mexico, Canada and the US—and a visiting scholar from Australia.

Our greatest hope for this book is that it becomes the starting point for a further reaching and more nuanced, expansive conversation—a meeting ground where we, and the other people that choose to join us (now and in the future), pick apart the strands of inquiry and interest. Our statement remains the same—this project and book are firmly anti-gun— but as we proceed we hope to layer that statement with more voices and perspectives.

This book is part of the Reference Points series published through Portland State University Art and Social Practice MFA Program. The series is an evolving pedagogical framework in which graduate students formulate and research a significant topic or practitioner(s) related to socially engaged art. Because the series is designed to shift and respond to the concerns of the program’s current students and faculty, mode, structure, and content are open-ended.

Reyes, Pedro, Sharita Towne, Harrell Fletcher, Zachary Gough, Patricia Vazquez, Erin Charpentier, Travis Neel, Grace Hwang, Amanda Evans, and Betty Márin. Talk to the Gun. Edited by Gemma-Rose Turnbull. Portland, OR: Publication Studio, 2014.

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